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ipod touch 32gb 3rd gen front panel

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iPod Touch 3rd Generation

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Front Panel Replacement

15 - 30 minutes


My Problem

Shattered front panel.

My Fix

My experience was mildly painful I think only because the panel was already cracked. When prying at it, it came off in pieces. The plastic that engages the clips stayed in the unit while the rest broke off. Had to resort to a jewelers flat head. The tips of the plastic tools broke off kind of easy. Installing the new panel was painless and worked as designed. The ribbon cable needed to be gently bent over to match the old panel. The biggest pain was hitting the power button during removal. I removed and installed with the power on. The unit would not power on after install, had to plug it into charger and wait a few minutes, herd a beep and it was good to go.

My Advice

As I saw in another post, but forgot, taping the broken panel is Google practice.

iPod touch (3rd Gen) Front Panel Assembly Image
iPod touch (3rd Gen) Front Panel Assembly


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