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The back is just gonna have to be a little bent

aaronmitchell151 -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

30 minutes - 2 hours

Very difficult

My Problem

The battery stopped holding a charge. Could only use it when plugged into the wall.

My Fix

Smoother than i expected. Some minor cosmetic damage (bending of sides) but i mean this iPod is coming up on 8 years old and i've dropped it a few times. No shortage of nicks and dings on it already. To have it fixed for about $26.90 is a bargain. Now let's see how long that hard drive can hold out for. :-)

My Advice

Take your time and don't get frustrated. You've gotta put some muscle into it at some points, but remember not to make any big sudden movements. If you follow the steps and move slow and steady, you'll be successful. I'm running mine now.

iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery Image
iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery


1.5" Thin Putty Knife Image
1.5" Thin Putty Knife


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