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4 hours of fun

michaelpglossop -

PowerBook G3 Wallstreet

PowerBook G3 Wallstreet PRAM Battery Replacement


My Problem

Large fissure on from the upper left corner to the lower left corner, and broken glass.

My Fix

iOpener kit gives you what you need to open up a ipad for presumably most repairs.

The demonstration video works well because the glass itself is intact. If like mine it is in poor condition be prepared to spend a long time scraping off shards.

It's not that the glass is easy to shatter, it's the fact the glue is so strong if you don't loosen it up enough it's only going to get worse.

I only got cut once!

My Advice

During the prying off stages i managed to severe both the wifi antenna as well as the right GPS module. The guide here states to be careful around the wifi antenna. It doesn't communicate why though...

The cable conecting both the wifi and the right GPS are glued onto the front panel. In these two areas you want to approach from the edge of the iPad and push inwards pressing up against the inside of the glass. Sliding just outright cuts the cables.

iPad 2 Adhesive Strips Image
iPad 2 Adhesive Strips


iPad 2 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Image
iPad 2 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel


iOpener Image


iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) LCD Screen and Digitizer Image
iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) LCD Screen and Digitizer


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