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Christmas has been saved!

TalbottsTech -

My Problem

I was given a 20GB 4th gen iPod and it worked great, besides the fact that it didn't have a cable or a way to charge. The USB cables I have are just not enough to charge an older unit like that. I needed a way to provide power to the little bugger so I could give it to my brother as a Christmas gift.

My Fix

The repair was short and sweet. All it took was unpacking the cable and charger and making sure they worked. Of course, they work like a charm and I can now gift a functional iPod.

My Advice

There isn't much for me to advise upon seeing as how this particular issue was simply a matter of providing power to the device. The only thing I can say is that it is a worthy cause to breathe new life into old electronics; even if you will never use the device, it may come in handy as a great gift.

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