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Very specific and purposeful tools

neotobahamut -

My Problem

Initially I was buying these tools to perform battery swap with my bloated iPhone battery.

My Fix

Due to the iPhone power button replacement policy. I had skipped the need to do so.

My next repair will be my scrambled Nintendo 3DSXL screen.

My Advice

However, these tools are more than just for iPhone. I had found many uses outside its purpose advertised on the web. It will be useful to help me organise the operation procedure and kept the screws and parts organised. Pro Tech toolkit is very useful, given the driver was large enough and has rubber ring to turn it. Its a perfect bag of tools for these high precision operation.

This will be one of my permanent tools in my toolbox.

Probe and Pick Set Image
Probe and Pick Set


Magnetic Project Mat Image
Magnetic Project Mat


iSclack Image


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