iPad Air 2 Cellular Adhesive Strips

iPad Air 2 Cellular Adhesive Strips



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Keep it together!

  • You managed the painstaking opening procedure and you repaired your tablet, now it's time to stick it all back together.
  • These strips are custom cut specifically for the cellular model iPad Air 2. You will find the adhesive strips for the Wi-Fi model here.
  • Individual pieces fit precisely around important components and provide a sturdy closure.
  • Because of continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from photo.


iPad Air 2
128 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
16 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
64 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Screen was shattered.

My Fix

Slow and steady. Glass was in really bad shape. Patience was the key and now the new screen is in and customer is very pleased with the quality.

My Advice

The iOpener could not give off enough heat for the iPad Air 2 adhesive strips. Heat gun took care of it. Follow the guides and be patie . . .