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What it takes to open an Orange.

We've heard tell that this tool will open any Orange in the universe. This may only be mythic conjecture, so we can't guarantee it, but we're pretty darned confident in the oOpener's fantastic abilities.

  • Intelligently designed to slice through even the toughest Orange rinds to just the right depth.
  • Includes a plastic opening tool for prying up and removing the Orange Peel.
  • Each oOpener bears a random inspirational fruit pun, and comes in a random green, red, or orange color.
  • The tool's color and sticker will not impact its performance.
  • This product has not been tested with fruits other than Oranges. While it certainly may work for lemons, limes, grapefruit, and others of the citrus genus, attempt these at your own risk.

Kit contents:

  • oOpener Orange Opening Tool.
  • One Plastic Opening Tool.

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I still have no idea what happened to the oOpener I bought last spring, but it disappeared sometime about two weeks ago and I couldn't live without it.

My Fix

Oranges are still in season and a signficant part of my diet, and oOpener is a major boon to my peeling experience.

My Advice

I recommend skipping the plastic o . . .