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A specialty pickup tool for the detail obsessed, and preparation master. With three different cup sizes, 2 head shapes, and simple operation, the Suction Cup Pen is invaluable for those tricky "Operation!" situations. A suction pickup tool can pickup parts tweezers can't get around, and are much more gentle to the part. Great for model makers who don't want to scratch their paint jobs, or repair nuts who hate being caught without the perfect tool.

5.25" vacuum generating pen

4mm, 7mm, 10mm cups included

Bent and straight tips.

Gently holds parts other tools can't.

Repair Stories

My Problem

I wanted faster performance and a little bit more space in my computer.

My Fix

I only needed the 54 Bit Driver Kit, no need for the Suction Cup Pen, although maybe in the future I will need it, so not a bad tool to own just in case.

My Advice

If you are looking to open your Mac, buy this Kit, it includes all the tips . . .