Portable Soldering Iron

Portable Soldering Iron

Includes 3 assorted tips, hot air blower, and torch function. Runs for 1 hour on a fill.



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A remarkably handy tool, our Portable Soldering Iron heats up faster than an electric soldering iron, can be used where electricity is unavailable, and offers a hot blower action. The easy to use piezoelectric igniter means you don't even need to carry around a match, it lights itself! It's good for shriveling heat-shrink tubing and for solder reflow, but it's too hot for softening adhesives. Leave that to a heat gun.

The Pro iron comes in it's very own metal carrying case that includes a sponge and tray. If you want the case by itself, we sell it on it's own. Get the case here.

These irons burn the same butane used to refill lighters, which is available at grocery, hardware, and liquor stores for a couple bucks. Due to shipping regulations, new irons are shipped empty.

We recommend purchasing solder, heat shrink tubing, and desoldering braid with your soldering iron to ensure you'll be ready to tackle all those repairs.

Repair Stories

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My Problem

The screen was completelly broken due a fall in the sidewalk of her iPod

My Fix

I bought the plastic tools, the replacement part (touch glass) for the iPod nano 6th generation. As all the parts arrived, we opened the guide and follow all the steps, the instructions were clear and, with fotos we didn´t have . . .