EFF Activist Sticker Bundle

EFF Activist Sticker Bundle

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iFixit is teaming up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to empower technology users (AKA everyone) to take their digital stuff back from government interlopers and corporate money mongers.

What are we reclaiming? Common sense and fair use. iFixit is fighting for your right to repair your stuff. And the EFF is fighting to protect your right to use that stuff without the NSA—or anyone else—peeking over your shoulder.

If you’re not familiar with the EFF, they’re the do-gooders who protect your online free speech, digital privacy, and fair use. They even give report cards for internet companies, so you know who has your back.

“EFF’s mission is to protect your digital freedom, including your right to repair and tinker. But the freedom to tinker doesn't mean much if you can't exercise it, and that's where iFixit comes in. iFixit knows that if you can't fix it, you don't own it. We are proud to work together as guardians of fair use and common sense,” said Corynne McSherry, IP Director, EFF.

EFF Activist Sticker Bundle includes:

  • Unhackable Anti-Surveillance Laptop Mod

This set of 5 laptop camera cover stickers are reusable, won't leave sticker residue behind, and, best of all, will foil any hostile adversaries attempting to spy through your camera.

  • EFF Swag

Who doesn't love stickers? In addition to the unhackable anti-surveillance stickers, this bundle includes an EFF logo sticker and a "Root, Root, Root for Coder's Rights" sticker.

  • $4.95 Donation to EFF

That's right, 100% of proceeds go directly to the EFF to help keep them in the fight for your liberties.

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My Problem

I had recently got a MacBook Pro 13" non-retna, for its repairability and upgradability. I got i7 processor with everything else base specs, knowing that i can upgrade the HD and RAM easily with iFixit guides. Now i have enough storage space to partition for a triple boot and migrate my old mac mini . . .