iFixit Limited Issue Mugs


Product code: IF179-039-1

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iFixit Limited Issue Mugs


Product code: IF179-039-1

Product Overview

Drink more coffee. Do more repairs.

14 ounces of awesomeness, with a classic matte black finish and a large handle for the most comfortable grip.

We’re not saying this mug will make you better at fixing things … but it can’t hurt. Get yours now.

IS microwave safe.

Product Details

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Volume: 14 ounces

  $11.95 Black




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My Problem

Since I usually use external mouse I did not discover that my trackpad was difficult to press down before I went for traveling and had to use my trackpad.

My Fix

Repair went really nice! I bought Pro Tech Toolkit and trackpad from IFIXIT. Replacing the trackpad was really not big deal when I had correct tools. The Pro Magnetic mat was nice as well.

My Advice

After replacing trackpad I discovered that the problem was not the trackpad, but my battery that had gone bigger (swollen). So main problem for me seems to be the battery, and not the trackpad. So my advice would be to also check if battery have start to swollen if trackpad is difficult to press down.

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