Polyimide Tape


Product code: IF145-113-2

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Polyimide Tape


Product code: IF145-113-2

Product Overview

Polyimide tape is utilized in electronic components for space exploration as well as Apple products. It is a low-outgassing material with high temperature resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and low radiation interference. Indispensable as masking in wave soldering and powder coating, Polyimide's properties make it ideal for electric insulation in X-Ray devices and radioactive environments too. Polymide is the perfect super tape for any space age atomic sci-fi mad scientist application. Note: Does not block X-Ray vision or Kryptonite rays, red or green.*

Our Polyimide tape is a perfect match for the .5" width tape most often used by Apple. You may only need a few inches, but this 108 foot roll is priced cheap enough to share with your friends or keep it as a lifetime supply!

*We recommend thorough testing by individual super heroes.

This tape is compatible with the properties of and can be used in place of 3M Kapton® polymide tape part# KPT-1/2.

Product Details

  • Length: 1,296 inches

  $9.95 .5 inch





.5" is the most common size of Polyimide tape found in Apple products. Same as part# 922-1731

Available: 18

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marwan's Story Photo #594776

My Problem

A few days ago the screen would not come on from over night computer sleep. I did the usual thing starting with repairing permissions (knowing that it most likely not related to this issue), zapping the PRAM, unplugging the power cord/removing the battery holding the power button on for a good 15 seconds, removing the RAM and starting the machine without RAM, put the RAM one module at a time and then both again, turning the screen brightness key on the keyboard all the way up and down many many times, and finally trying someone’s suggestion to remove Flash Player and re-install it again. After all of this the screen still won't light up.

Using a flash light I can see that things are showing on the screen. Hooked my TV using DVI to HDMI cable and everything on the TV was mirroring on the computer’s black screen. I can do anything I want with the computer using the TV to see what I am doing.

Obviously, the video card is still working, and the mother board is not dead. I planned to repair this problem only if it is something that can be easily fixed. I have no fear opening the case and replace any needed parts, ( I’ve done my own HD upgrade, then once again when I went from HDD to SSD, and once changed left fan.) I’m just not comfortable doing any soldering if this repair requires soldering or changing the screen. Then I found iFixit website and the instructions looked straight forward, and my issue looked similar to what the repair was for.

My Fix

Got the LED Driver Board. Opened the machine, took the screen apart following iFixit instructions to the letter, replaced the LDB, put the screen and machine back together, fired it up, BINGO! Screen came back on. Success however came a few days late since I had already bought a new 15.4" Retina MacBook Pro before I found iFixt website.

Best Regards.

My Advice

Great instructions.

Photo is a screen shot after repair.

My Problem

My MacBook keyboard after seven years, lots of typing and one errant berries smoothie later, was missing a few keys and had totally lost the use of its delete key. But the final straw was an e key that had decided to either not work or depress itself continuously mid-typing likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this.

My Fix

Took about an hour and a half I think, because I was very gentle and didn't want to damage anything. The yellow electrician's tape was great for replacing the original dusty old ones that had lost their adhesiveness.

My Advice

Hmm, check all steps carefully before replacing the case - it's tiring to remove all those screws again.

My Problem

Hard Drive was too full to Update or Even Backup ... 250Gb

My Fix

Bought a 500GB drive and rolled up my sleeves .. .. OOPs the guide called for lots of hardware I didn't have. The Driver kit was bought to replace the internal battery on my stepson's powerbook, but i was glad I had it when I got to the itty bitty screws on the hard drive.

Back to my problem .... Trust The Creators .. Trust .. plug in a terabyte USB drive and make a time machine backup .. then check it (amazing idea-but always, always check your backups LOL)

Apple has a boot to Lion partition creator that i skipped the step on, the terabyte, i made a partition with the Lion Boot Installer that will autorun the image.

so with a lump in my throat I turned of the computer, pulled out the battery, unplugged the power cable and removed the screws from the hard drive. It unplugged easily, plugged the new one in, it was much thinner than the old one. Remembered to replace the little berry screws that hold it in place and slip it into it's spot to the left of the battery compartment.

All tucked in and tight, battery back in, power cable back on. Cover on, turned over, USB drive back on with the boot drive on it and the backup, hit the power button.

Success, Apple logo, a little slower than usual, but there, get to the screen that lets me format the hard drive. Thought I needed to do that. Found out later this was an extra step, I could have skipped this, when time machine went to reinstall, it formatted the drive over again.

After all this it asked me if i wanted to reinstall from Time Machine, I say Yes, and it goes on to a two hour reformat and reinstall into the 500GB hard drive.

After all that is done, everything is perfect.

all done and good.

by the way, the first battery I received did not charge, and they sent out a second one right away and it was fine.

all is fine and good, the other repair to the powerbook was easy and the battery was fine there also.

the 54 bit driver kit is something to have around or maybe glued under your dash, one under lock and key in your garage ... looks like you don't want to lend it.


My Advice

Don't wait, fix stuff

when something doesn't work the way it should have go back right then to the last thing you did. We changed the battery, it didn't charge, we tried lots of things, but the proof of the problem was putting the old battery back in, the old battery still charged.

My Problem

My iPhone 4s was still a trusty companion but was starting to run out of gas early in the day. I was spending more money and more time on extra external battery packs to make it through the day and increasing amounts of time on the logistics of tracking what was charged and herding all the various cables needed.

My Fix

In under 15 minutes and with the help of your most excellent repair guides and battery kit, I was able to bring my iPhone 4s companion back to full strength and just in time for the holiday season and end of year IT workload!

Thanks iFixit! You Rock!

My Advice

Ensure you have the best possible work lighting available (perhaps even a magnifier light) and a stable work surface. The very, very, tiny pressure contact point that connects the backplate to the main circuit board can move with a heavy sigh after you remove the upper screw that holds it and the top of the battery connector!

Do not fear! You can do this!

With the help of the fine folks at iFixit you can bring your trusty companion back to full strength in no time and ready to take on your next challenge together!


My Problem

Smashed screen.

My Fix

It was easy with the right tools.

My Advice

I use muffin pans to organize screws and small parts.

My Problem

The Battery was showing signs of dying. Only stayed charged for an hour or two

My Fix

With the iSclack it went really well. Super easy to get into. And not much needed to come apart. But the battery took the longest to get it unglues from the back of the device. Like 10 mins kinda unglued.

My Advice

Try and warm up the glue if possible. Using the iopener kit. If not just go slow and be paitent. As there are cables under that battery.