Nexus 6 Motherboard

Nexus 6 Motherboard



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Damaged or broken motherboard?

  • Swap your old motherboard for a 32 or 64 GB replacement part.

Note that some Nexus 6 motherboards are "locked" to a particular cell service provider. If you wish to stay with your phone's original service provider you must replace the logic board with one locked to the same provider.

  • This is a used OEM part.


Nexus 6

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My Problem

I dropped my nexus bringing in groceries, which smashed the screen. I replaced the screen myself but broke a connector on the motherboard in the process! I bought a new motherboard from iFixit and now, at last, my Nexus lives again. It was a horrible two weeks without it.

My Fix

I broke a connector when I w . . .