Marlin Magnifying Spectacles


Product code: IF145-248-1

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Marlin Magnifying Spectacles


Product code: IF145-248-1

Product Overview

USA Designed and Made Magnifying Glasses

  • Get a closer look with these svelte magnifying lenses
  • Quality Molded optics means light-weight, always ready magnification.
  • Convenient carrying case protects the glasses when they're not on your face.
  • 5 diopter lens (2.25x Magnification)

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My Problem

I had used a solid state dive in my MacBook Pro and I missed having one in my new Mac Mini.

Once I purchased a new SSD, I was ready to install.

My Fix

The repair was quick and surprisingly easy. The magnetic project mat really was an eye opener! I had been keeping my project screws and bolts in a shot glass. Having them out and sorted by project step really sped up reassembly!

Also, I discovered that my Mini came with its hard drive installed in the "deep" position. This saved a lot of disassembly steps, but did cause some moments of confusion while I decided if it would be ok to install my SSD in the top position. I also needed to improvise the connector since the one I got was for the drive in the deep position.

My Advice

Be prepared to find your Mini in the same configuration as mine was.

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