Kindle Fire (2011, 1st Gen) Motherboard

Kindle Fire (2011, 1st Gen) Motherboard



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Please note: the 1st and 2nd Generation motherboards look very similar but the LCD connectors are different.

  • Be certain of which flavor connector you have before ordering. The only way to know which connector you need is to dismantle your Kindle Fire 7" and compare the connector with the photos.
  • A motherboard with a male connector will only fit an LCD with a female connector and vice versa.
  • Find the 2nd Gen motherboard here.
  • This is a used, OEM part.


Kindle Fire
7” (1st Gen)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Would not charge. Thought the USB plug was bad/loose.

My Fix

Repair went quick and easy.

My Advice

Unfortunately, the new board didn't fix the problem.