Hot Air Rework Station Hakko FR-810B-05


Hot Air Rework Station Hakko FR-810B-05



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The FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station sets a new bar for convective rework. The new, compact and lightweight design (only 2.9 lb.) features a quiet, self-contained turbine air supply, capable of delivering approximately 100 L/min (free flowing). The new heating element design improves durability, provides a top end temperature of 1120°F (600°C) and eliminates the quartz glass insulator tube. New N51 Series Quick Change nozzles allows for tool-free installation and removal, and the integrated holder provides automatic safety cool down when the handpiece is not in use.

NOTE: Nozzles NOT included

The FR-810 also features:

• Easy to read digital display for both temperature and air level

• Slender handpiece with integrated Start/Stop button

• The ability to store up to 5 user programmable presets for temperature, airflow and time

• New Preset Chain feature that allows the operator to link up to 5 presets to run in sequence, simulating a 5-heating zone reflow profile for SMD components

• Auto Power-Off

• Additional new, single jet nozzles with larger sizes

• A quick-change adapter for compatibility with existing Hakko nozzles

• Password Lockout to prevent unauthorized setup changes

• ESD safe by design

Made in Japan