Galaxy S III Wi-Fi Antenna

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Galaxy S III Wi-Fi Antenna



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Product Details



Fix your broken antenna!

  • Bad Wi-Fi reception? This part could be your problem.
  • Compatible with all models of the Galaxy S III.


Samsung Galaxy S III
AT&T (I747)
International (I9300)
Metro PCS (R530)
Sprint (S960L)
T-Mobile (T999)
US Cellular (R530)
Verizon (I535)

Repair Stories

Chris Frazier's Story Photo #978306

My Problem

I'm absolutely happy with my fixit antenna I received for my Galaxy S3. What I'm unhappy about is the results. I watched my bars dropping over a year until I had total dead spots where I used to have 2-3 bars. I went looking for an antenna because I found when I stuck the right length wire in the li . . .