MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) Display Assembly

MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) Display Assembly

Glossy finish screen. Screen and casing in excellent condition.



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Fix your broken Display Assembly!

If only your LCD is cracked, you can replace just the LCD panel.


MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211
2.16 GHz (Core 2 Duo)
2.33 GHz (Core 2 Duo)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Original display had deteriorated. Approx 50 % usable. Replaceing just LCD seemed too tricky, so ordered entire assembly.

My Fix

Very smoothly and straightforward. Photos were very helpful. A couple of connectors were better identifiable from photo of removed piece.

My Advice

Read instructions thru to end first. . . .