MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2012) I/O Board

  • MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2012) I/O Board
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MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2012) I/O Board

Condition: Used



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  • Replace the I/O Board (input/output board) to fix broken connectors on your Mid 2012 model MacBook Air 11". This I/O board includes the MagSafe power, USB, and audio port.


Repair Stories

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My Problem

Battery stopped charging after baby eating on it and webcam was not working (for a loong time really).

My Fix

Ordered parts and all went just fine.

Results are:

Went perfect:

  • Webcam is back on track

There are comments:

  • Battery charges, but:
    • Green / amber light doesn't switches off after charger . . .