DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard and Midframe Assembly (JDM-001)

DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard and Midframe Assembly (JDM-001)



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  • This motherboard assembly is compatible with the 1st generation DualShock 4 controller, indicated by the part number JDM-001. The best way to determine which version you have is to disassemble your controller and look for the part number.
  • Find the 2nd generation JDM-011 part here.
  • Find the 3rd generation JDM-020 part here.
  • Find the 4th generation JDM-030 part here.
  • Find the 5th generation JDM-040 part here.
  • This assembly includes the main circuit board, the plastic midframe, two analog sticks, and two vibration motors.
  • This is a used OEM part.


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