10 Ways to Celebrate International Repair Day

I hope you have your screwdrivers handy—because Saturday, October 21 is International Repair Day. And here at iFixit, we’re going to spend the day celebrating repair. Which is pretty exciting, because that’s, like, one of our top-five favorite things to do.

International Repair Day is October 21, 2017

The International Day of Repair was started by our friends at the Restart Project. In case you haven’t already heard of them, they’re an amazing London-based organization that empowers people to use their electronics longer in order to reduce waste. With the help of volunteers, the Restart Project hosts what they call Restart Parties—community events where people learn how to fix their broken stuff. To date, the Restart Project has been able to prevent over 7,800 kgs of waste by fixing 3,100 devices.

Recently, in conjunction with their launch of the Open Repair Alliance, the Restart Project also announced that Saturday, October 21 would be International Repair Day. The day will continue to be celebrated on a yearly basis, every third Saturday in October.

The global celebration of repair coincides with International Repair Café week. Saturday’s day of repair is “a chance to shout about the importance of repair and the growing global community repair movement.” As part of the festivities, repair groups in 7 different countries are throwing community fixing events. You can find a global list of events here.

If you didn’t find an official International Repair Day event near you, not to worry—here are ten other ways you can celebrate International Repair Day on Saturday:

1. Explore the repair community

Find a community repair group or tinkering club in your area and make plans to check out their next public event. They’ll usually even help you fix your broken household products.

2. Tackle a repair on your to-do list

Repairing a Macbook Pro for International Repair Day

Carve out some time to repair something you’ve been meaning to fix. Then take a picture of your repair and share it on whatever social media platform you use with the hashtag #RepairDay. (Bonus points if you share it on multiple platforms.)

3. Introduce the next generation to repair

Take apart an old toy with your child, your niece or nephew, a neighbor, or your grandkid. Let them help you with an around-the-house repair. Show them how to properly use common tools and safely use equipment. You’ll help them build skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

4. Teach the world how to fix something

Making an auto repair guide for International Repair Day

If you’re good at fixing cars, patching old sweaters, or rewiring lamps—show us how to do it, too. Next time you’re in the middle of a repair, take some pictures of the process or film yourself as you explain the repair. Use your photos or your video to make a repair guide on iFixit.

5. Show your fixer pride

Print, post, or share iFixit’s Fixer Manifesto. It lists all the reasons why we think it’s important to fix your stuff instead of tossing it away. It also looks lovely on a workshop wall.

6. Support Right to Repair

In the US, a big battle is shaping up over who has the right to fix your equipment—like phones and even tractors. If you think owners should be able to fix their stuff on their own, then head over to—and read up on their efforts to get a Right to Repair law passed in the US.

7. Translate a repair guide

Got some serious language skills? We’re in the middle of translating’s repair information into 11 different languages—so more people around the world can figure out how to fix their broken stuff. We could use a hand. Log on to iFixit, click the flag in the top right corner, select a language, and visit our Translate Portal to see which guides can be translated into the language you’ve selected.

Repairing tablets for International Repair Day
8. Volunteer with a repair organization

Local repair groups—like the Restart Project, Repair Café, Fixit Clinic and Anstiftung—only work because they have volunteers. If you’ve got skills to lend, consider donating your time to a repair organization, makerspace, or tinkering group in your area. You’ll be doing your community—and your planet—some good.

9. Clean out your junk drawer

Most people have a junk drawer or a closet in their house stuffed with old, forgotten electronics. In fact, households in Great Britain alone have an estimated £1bn-worth of electronic equipment in storage. Most of the time it sits there until it gets thrown away. Time to resurrect that junk drawer! Donate, give away, or sell electronics that are still useful. Repair what you can. Recycle what no longer has a use.

10. Give the repair community a shoutout on Twitter

Use the hashtag #RepairDay to tell us how you’re spending International Repair Day. Whether you’re changing your oil or darning your socks, you’re part of a community that’s fighting waste before it happens. And that’s pretty darn cool.