Keep the Internet Weird: Save Net Neutrality

The internet is a pretty neat place. Sure—sometimes it gets a little weird, but it’s usually weird in a wonderful way. The internet taught me how to play guitar. The internet never fails to comfort me with Harry Potter fan videos when I’m in need of a smile. And when the people of the Internet come together, we can do wonderful things. Because of wonderful netizens like you, iFixit was able to help almost 100 million people fix their things just last year.

The internet makes our lives better—and it’s a real shame that it’s under attack. Right now, the internet is facing one of the greatest threats in its history. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is on the brink of giving companies like Comcast and Verizon control over what we can see and do on the internet.

If they win, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will have the power to throttle, block, censor, and charge whatever they darn well please. Which means we could soon be faced with an internet that forces some of our favorite websites into the slow lane. Or worse, charges a hefty premium to access them. Or worse-worse, blocks them altogether.

Meanwhile, companies with deep pockets could be given special VIP internet prioritization—tilting the odds ever in their favor. Apparently money talks. But then again, so do we.

net neutrality meme

The internet belongs to all of us, and today, we’re fighting back! iFixit is proud to stand in solidarity with our fellow netizens to fight for an equal internet. We will sound the alarm against the FCC. And we will prove that if we stand together, we can use the internet to save the internet.

Will you join a massive, internet-wide Day of Action to save the open internet? Learn how you can join the protest or spread the word here.

All images courtesy of Fight for the Future.