Join Us: Reset the Net

One year ago today, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA—and it changed the way we look at the Internet forever. It seems, Big Brother really is watching us. But that doesn’t mean we have to let him.

internet privacy through the Macbook Pro 17

It’s time to Reset the Net. Today, iFixit is standing in solidarity with dozens of organizations—including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Reddit—and thousands of citizens who are tired of being lied to and spied on. We’re done asking for privacy. Now, we’re taking our privacy back.

Here’s how it works: The NSA doesn’t have a magical decryption machine. Instead, they take advantage of weak links in Internet security to spy on you and the rest of the world. And while we can’t stop the NSA from spying, we can strengthen the weak points that the NSA has been exploiting. There are some easy measures you can take to make it harder for the NSA to creep into your corner of the Internet.

On iFixit, we’re committed to keeping your information safe and private. We’ve just implemented HTTPS on more portions of (including Meta), and we expect to extend HTTPS to the rest of the site in the coming months. We’ve also started using Perfect Forward Security—a future-proof encryption measure that helps keep your data private.

Join us: Pledge to stand up for rights, protect your privacy, and Reset the Net. Find out what you can do to keep the NSA’s prying eyes out of your Internet at