Happy International Community Day!

Happy International Community Day!

Happy International Community Day! 

This year for the first time, Community is an official department here at iFixit! For many years before this, the Community was monitored by a mix of our departments around the office. 

You can check out the full story of how the Community came to be right here

This year, we are a full team dedicated entirely to you, which is why we are even more excited to celebrate today!

The idea of having a dedicated community day is a new concept, born out of quarantine in 2020. 

During the pandemic, online communities grew exponentially. They allowed us to still connect with one another, while at the same time maintaining social distancing in order to stay healthy. 

Since then, we’ve been able to get back outside and into the real world, but the online communities that we fostered during the pandemic still remain. International Community Day is intended to help preserve that effort. 

In the years since the pandemic, we’ve seen a steady increase in new member sign-ups.

Thank you for writing guides and answering questions. We wouldn’t have a community without you!

People all over the world are taking the agency to learn about the devices in their hands and in general, learn about how their things work. This has caused our collection of repair guides and troubleshooting advice to grow.

iFixit is the place where you can learn how to replace your phone screen and clean the filter on your vacuum and peel your orange (Just kidding. Mostly.) All in one place. And if you’re unsure of how to do anything, you can ask about it and someone with a little more knowledge can help walk you through it.

The iFixit community is designed to be a place where you can get to know other fixers, but also learn a little engineering, a little patience, and in some cases, a little improvisation. These are skills that come in handy in our personal lives as they teach us to think critically and to collaborate with others to find solutions to big and small problems. 

We’re not saying you can’t find these skills on some other part of the web. But, what we are saying is that you can find those skills here, along with a welcoming atmosphere where the number one rule is to be kind

Our aim is to connect you with people all over the world who have varied repair interests and experience to help you build your own repair knowledge toolbox. 

In the last ten months, our new Community department has made some significant progress towards improving the online experience. In this time, our moderator team has grown, we’ve added Korean as a new supported language, and we’ve kicked off some contests to motivate members to get involved. 

These changes mean that Right-to-Repair sustained its community involvement even after the stay-at-home orders were lifted. It means that folks who had some interest in fixing (when we were at the height of hobby musical chairs), now have a stable and dedicated commitment to self-repair (even after the music stopped). 

The repair movement has even graduated from a general passion to state legislation.

This is exciting because being a part of the iFixit Community is both a means of learning and of helping to reduce e-waste. What can be better than helping yourself and the planet?

We’re beyond thrilled that the Right-to-Repair movement has gained traction outside of those already in the repair community and each day when we see new members sign up, we know that this community is needed now more than ever before. 

So, thank you! We celebrate you on this International Community Day! 

We look forward to growing and making the iFixit Community the best place to fix your thing.