Gifts for Every Fixer on Your List

The air is crisp, the evergreen bedecked, and we’re all blissfully shoveling sweets into our mouths unchecked. It’s Christmas time! But we know the holiday season isn’t just about cookies and goodwill. It can also be the most stressful times of the year.

Gifts for fixers

All those pounds to gain! All those decorations to hang! All those gifts to find! We can’t help you with those first two—but we’ve got your gift quandary covered. Over at iFixit, we’re celebrating Fix-mas! And we’re spreading the joy. Join Lil Bub and Gwendolyn Gay on a magical journey through iFixit’s 2014 Christmas Gift Guide. We’ve got plenty of gifts that no fixer, hacker, or crafter on your list will be able to resist.

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