iFaxit: Introducing the Future of Repair Documentation

Our world moves incredibly fast—and so does the technology powering it.

At iFixit, it’s our mission to bring repair documentation into the 21st century: well written, beautifully photographed, always up-to-date, and usable by the modern worker in a variety of applications.

iFaxit repair documentation

Today, we’re proud to introduce iFaxit. It’s bleeding-edge technology: the world’s first on-demand repair guide delivery service using the most modern facsimile technology.

With just the click of a button and the soothing tones of a dial-up modem, you can send repair guides absolutely anywhere … that there also happens to be a fax machine:

  • Your home office!
  • The neighborhood copy center!
  • Your dentist’s!
  • Grandma’s house!

Break your iPhone? With the Magic of the Internet, you can have the most up-to-date repair documentation sent directly from our servers to your fax machine. Just fax, fix, and fuhgeddaboudit. Car broke down on the side of the road? No problem. If we can fax it, you can fix it!

Act now, and get iFaxit—the revolutionary repair guide service, powered by Phaxio—for the low, low price of free!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone—repair is calling.

Fax operators are standing by.