Tools of the Teardown: Moray Driver Kit

When the moon hits your screen and there’s a crack in the glass, grab your Moray—Moray driver kit that is. The not-too-big, not-too-small, just-right bit kit for your electronics repair needs.

Living on the California coast, the ocean is a pretty big deal. It’s great for both low-key and more extreme recreation, keeps the weather delightfully moderate, and provides some great meals. There’s something here for everyone, Goldilocks would be proud. Perhaps inspired by our local perfection, we’re happy to introduce something else Goldilocks-approved. The Moray driver kit. Just big enough, just small enough, perfectly portable, and with a solid set of drive styles.

Our coastal ties also informed this kit’s name. The Moray is a marine eel with a set of double jaws that only a mother—or H. R. Giger’s Alien—could love. While our kit doesn’t exactly have a double set of teeth, it does offer a great grip on its components. The snug foam interior is precision-cut to conform to the driver handle and every bit, and is enclosed in a magnetically-sealed styrene case. The result: a double grip that ensures your tools won’t be going anywhere unexpectedly. 

I could talk about how this kit is an integral part of your repair ecosystem and how, unlike the eel, this diminutive Moray isn’t unsettlingly big (one last eel fact: they can be up to 13 feet long—the ocean is beautiful and terrifying). But let’s get back to brass tacks steel bits, with a quote from our Chief Product Engineer, Brett Hartt: The Minnow and Moray “were developed at the same time with functionality, usability, and portability as the key factors … The Moray is oriented towards people ‘on the go’, but who might have more equipment with them already. It’s the perfect bit set to put in a tool bag or car glove box.”

The Moray hits that sweet spot, snugly between the pocket-sized Minnow and powerful Mako driver kits, on both price and drive selection. Our product engineers processed a decade of repair guide data to choose the drive types you’re most likely to find—and more importantly, most likely to use—in electronics repair. Not too unwieldy, and not too limiting, the Moray affords you the extra reach of hex bits and nut drivers, plus unique security bits like the espresso-sealing oval bit that the Minnow can’t quite offer. The Moray also slims down the not-quite-pocketable thoroughness of the Mako’s selection of relatively rarer bits. 

Want to be prepared for future fixes with a bit kit that’s just right? Snag a Moray and bring it wherever the repair winds take you. And hey, give us a shout when you reach destination fix, we’d love to see your successes!