Tools of the Teardown: Minnow Driver Kit

What’s mighty, mini, and has the bits you need for most electronics screws, all wrapped up in a pocket-sized package? The Minnow driver kit, of course.

While the Minnow may sound modest compared to the noble Marlin and the sleek Mako, the Minnow is, like the fish it’s named for, broadly useful and ubiquitous. It’s a perfect mascot for the mending movement: no matter how small or ordinary, anyone can repair. Armed with the right information and tools, you can fix the world. The Minnow is pint-sized, sure, but also cost effective, portable, and eminently useful. 

We slimmed the Mako down to the absolute minimum to keep costs low while maintaining usefulness. Our dream is to teach everyone to fix every thing, and the best first step is a high-quality, affordable set of tools. We want the Minnow to enable every novice fisher fixer to snag the nearest electronic and get to learning, for a very small investment.

The Minnow is also the smallest tool kit we’ve got. About the size of a smartphone, this kit is imminently pocketable, which translates to ultra-portable, too. You don’t need to be new to fixing to benefit from a streamlined tool selection. Teardown engineer Taylor Dixon says, “I can’t wait for a tiny driver set I can travel with and just keep in my backpack all the time.” Speaking as someone who’s dropped their iPhone in the toilet on vacation (never wore that traitorous sweatshirt again) and had to unscrew pentalobes with a kitchen knife, a travel-friendly kit can, at the least, prevent cut-up hands and help you get something open in a hurry. It’ll fit in your glovebox, handbag, backpack, and even the smallest of junk drawers. 

If you already have a Swiss army knife in your daily carry, or you know someone who does, this kit is the perfect addition. We’ve used our thousands of guides, and tens of thousands of hours of teardowns, to pack this tiny kit with the perfect selection of heavy-hitting bits. The result? The basic bits you need for your electronics repair needs, and nothing extra to weigh you down. You’ll be ready to leap into action with tiny eyeglass-securing flathead screws, teeny Phillips bits to get into battery compartments, and even tri-points for drifting Joy Cons.
Of course our littlest kit doesn’t scrimp on quality. The Minnow features the same sturdy, long-necked 4 mm steel bits, swivel cap driver, and magnetic-closure case as our larger kits, all covered by the iFixit lifetime guarantee. We’re excited to see what this repair seed will grow for you. It all starts with a bit; who knows where the fix will take you.