Pixel 5 X-Ray Wallpapers: You Will Totally Believe What’s Inside

Pixel 5 X-ray on a white background

It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time to (remotely) show off your costumes. We invited the Pixel 5 to the party, and it showed up as a skeleton.

That’s right, we’ve got X-ray wallpapers for the Pixel 5. We could say we wanted to let the device get its bearings, mature a bit before we started in on it, but, honestly? We’re just backed up on teardowns into the infinite future. We just finished a double-header iPhone 12/12 Pro teardown, a 12 Pro video teardown. And there are more iPhones, iPads, and other devices on the way in November (some video game consoles, too, we hear).

Plus, by the time the Pixel 5 actually arrived, it was so thoroughly leaked that they had essentially mailed its schematics to anybody who bought a Pixel 3.

So here’s a quick peek at the internals of the Pixel 5, courtesy of the see-through wizards at Creative Electron. Not having actually taken the device apart, we can only look, think, and guess a bit. So let’s do that!

Based largely on comparisons to the Pixel 4 XL:

  • The Google logo seems to be made of a different material, because it’s showing up on the X-ray now.
  • There’s another chunk of different material around the wireless charging coil, which is what enables this Pixel to charge wirelessly, even though it’s made of aluminum.
  • The vibration engine is a coin-style, not a linear oscillator (what that means).
  • The earpiece speaker is beefier than before, perhaps for surround sound purposes.
  • The logic board and battery are largely the same; we wonder when they’ll double up (sandwich-build) the logic board and give the battery more room.

To get a see-through wallpaper on your Pixel 5, open this post on your phone. Click on the image below to open it , then save the full photo to your phone. Back on your home screen, long-press on an empty section of your home screen, choose “Wallpapers,” select the image you grabbed, and congratulate your phone on really putting in an effort this year, despite the challenges.

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