Pixel XL Teardown Wallpapers

Pixel XL Teardown Wallpapers

The Pixel 4 is nearing launch, but if you’re still rocking the first of Google’s homemade Pixel phones, you can now download our Pixel XL teardown wallpapers to grace your home screen.

The original Pixel and the Pixel XL weren’t Google’s first smartphones by a long shot, but the Pixel name kickstarted a new era for the company’s mobile phone business. Tearing down the Pixel XL was full of both surprises and familiarities, and its repairability score makes it the only Pixel phone to date to score a big ole 7.

If you want to display the innards of your Pixel XL for all to see, just open up this page on your phone, select the wallpaper you want, and click on the photo to view it at full resolution. Save the image to your phone, long-press on the home screen, and choose “Wallpapers” to select it from your photos after downloading.

Pixel XL Internal Wallpaper:

Pixel XL X-Ray Wallpaper:

A big thanks to Creative Electron for providing us with the X-ray shot!

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