Fairphone 3 Teardown Wallpapers

Fairphone 3 Teardown Wallpapers

The Fairphone 3 teardown is here, and it’s only the second phone ever in which we’ve given a perfect 10-out-of-10 score on our repairability scale. And in typical iFixit fashion, we have some teardown wallpapers to go with that.

From the beginning, the Fairphone was made to be easily repairable, with things like screen and battery removal being priority number one. The Fairphone 2 was a step up, receiving our first-ever perfect ten, and the Fairphone 3 kept with that tradition.

While it’s a device that’s much easier to take apart than an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, we understand if you want to see the internals while keeping things intact. That’s why we made some sweet teardown wallpapers for the Fairphone 3. Just open up this page on your phone, find the wallpaper that you want, and click on the photo to view it at full resolution. Save the image to your phone, long-press on the home screen, and choose “Wallpapers” to select it from your photos after downloading.

Fairphone 3 Internal Wallpaper:

Fairphone 3 internal wallpaper

Fairphone 3 X-Ray Wallpaper:

A big thanks to the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM for providing this X-ray shot!

Fairphone 3 X-ray wallpaper

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