What’s Covered Under iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty

What’s Covered Under iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty

Here at iFixit, we pride ourselves on making tools that are durable and long-lasting, as well as offering high-quality replacement parts that will truly last. We’re so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on many of our tools and parts. But what does that mean, exactly? What does our lifetime warranty cover? And which tools and parts are included?

What Our Lifetime Warranty Covers (and Doesn’t Cover)

If a product listing has a “lifetime warranty” listed, that means the product is guaranteed to function under normal-use conditions for as long as you have it. And if it doesn’t hold up to those standards, we’ll send you a replacement free of charge—it doesn’t matter if it’s the day after you received it or decades later. Simple as that.

Our Mahi driver kit

Of course, there are some exceptions, however minor. First off, we don’t cover cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the use of the product, such as scratches that develop on driver handles.

Secondly, we don’t cover damage of products due to improper use. So if you were to use a driver handle and an accompanying flathead driver bit as a chisel and bang on it with a hammer, any damage caused to the driver handle or the bit would not be covered.

However, if at one point you’re using a driver and the swivel top gets stuck, or driver bits aren’t securely attaching to the driver handle, we would replace the affected product free of charge.

Which Tools and Parts Are Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty

Not all of our parts and tools are covered under our lifetime warranty, so it’s important to know which ones are and aren’t when you shop on our website.

When it comes to our tools, a lot of them come with our lifetime warranty, including the Jimmy, tweezers, suction handle, iOpener, and our drivers and driver bits. So when you buy a Mako, Mahi, or Manta driver kit, everything included is covered for life. A few other tools we sell are considered “consumable,” meaning they’re designed to wear out over time and aren’t covered by our lifetime warranty. These include plastic spudgers, opening picks, plastic cards, and more.

Our Pro Tech toolkit

Our Opening Tool, for instance, is made from a softer material as to not scratch or mar your device. These will simply wear down over time. However, if it were to break in half the first time you use it, we’ll replace it, but if it loses the ability to pry as precisely as it did the first time after hundreds of uses, we won’t cover it.

Some of our toolkits that come with a lifetime warranty also include consumable tools, like the Pro Tech Toolkit and the Essential Electronics Toolkit. The consumable tools included are not covered under the lifetime warranty for the whole kit.

As for parts, some of them come with a lifetime warranty, while others usually have a one-year warranty. For example, a replacement Galaxy S8 screen comes with a lifetime warranty, because we expect that product work for as long as you have that phone. However, a replacement battery is considered consumable, since they wear out over time. As a result, they come with a one-year warranty to cover any unexpected issues. So if your iPhone 7 replacement battery fails after a couple months, we’ll replace it free of charge, but if it loses its gusto after a couple hundred charging cycles, we won’t.

What About Products That Are Discontinued?

We’re constantly improving our tools, and sometimes that means getting rid of the old and bringing in the new and improved. So if you bought a toolkit from us several years ago that we no longer sell, what happens if you need a warranty replacement?

For warranty coverage on items we no longer offer, we’ll offer a replacement for the closest substitute. For instance, if you need a replacement for your older Universal Bit Kit that failed, we’ll offer our newer Manta driver kit instead.

If we still sell a certain product, but are simply out of stock, you have the option to wait for new stock to arrive.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim

Having a tool break, or a part prematurely fail is no fun at all, but it happens, and we want to make it right! So how do you submit a warranty claim?

You can either email or call us, but email is the easiest when submitting warranty claims. Here’s the info we’ll need from you:

  • Proof of Purchase: If you ordered your item on iFixit.com, then the proof of purchase will be the iFixit order number, which can be found in your Order History. If you purchased an iFixit product from another store (Fry’s, Ace Hardware, Amazon, etc.), check the order details and provide the order number from that.
  • Shipping Address: We likely already have this on file from your past purchase, but it’s a good idea to include it just to make sure it’s confirmed—especially if you’ve moved!
  • Name of Item or the Item Code: If you’re not sure what the name of the item is, you can provide the item code, which is listed on your order form and starts with the letters “IF.”
  • Reason for Replacement: How did your item break or malfunction? Give us as many details as possible! You may be asked to provide photos, so have your camera ready.

Providing all of this information is extremely helpful to us, and will help expedite your warranty claim, so that you spend less time twiddling your thumbs and more time fixing stuff!