iPad 3 Internals Wallpapers

Continuing our line of awesome “internals” wallpapers, we present you with our latest creation: the iPad 3 internals wallpaper!

We have two versions for you — one for landscape, and one for portrait mode. Just load this post on your iPad, click on the pictures below to access the full-resolution 2048 x 1536 versions of the file, and save them to the iPad.

Quick note: Make sure you’re holding the iPad in portrait mode if you load the portrait image. Otherwise, the image will automatically zoom in when trying to set it as the wallpaper, and will not display correctly unless you pinch-zoom back out so you can see the whole image.

iPad 3 internals wallpaper
iPad 3 Wallpaper—Landscape mode
iPad 3 wallpaper
iPad 3 wallpaper—Portrait mode

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