Introducing New Mirrored iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S Rear Panels!

You have something in your teeth, and we wouldn’t have to be the ones to tell you if you’d just carry a mirror. And before you go telling us how you’re “too much of a manly-man to carry a mirror,” take a look at our latest offering: a mirrored rear panel for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S mirrored rear panel

If avoiding awkward “you have something in your teeth,” conversations isn’t motivating enough, imagine all of the fun you can have taking photos of “the gun show,” and knowing you’re always in frame. Or perhaps you’re a lady (or a fella who fancies lipgloss, we won’t judge). Touching up makeup is so easy when your phone is your mirror. No more wasting time launching the camera app, just to reapply your lip-balm. Brilliant!

Not only does it look completely awesome (we’re pretty sure Clooney himself would use one), but it’s simple to install, it’s just as protective and durable as the rear panel that comes on the iPhone originally, and it’s priced lower than a regular replacement rear panel, making it an excellent option if you’ve shattered the back of your phone. All good things.

But perhaps you want to see it in action. I’m excited to give you a look at the mirrored rear panel in action, so take a look at the video below:

Convinced? Buy a mirrored panel for the iPhone 4 here or for the 4S here.