iPhone 4S Camera Made by Sony

Camera in the iPhone 4sChipworks definitely has some fancy equipment inside their labs. They took apart one of their iPhone 4S units this morning (using our teardown for guidance, of course) and tossed the 8MP camera directly under an infrared microscope to find out the manufacturer.

The infrared microscope allowed them to look through the whole structure down to the base layer. They saw die markings several layers below the surface.

So what did they see? S O N Y.

The pictures below are of the Sony designation inside the camera. Note that the camera itself is significantly smaller than a dime.

Sony spelled out on the chip in the iPhone 4S camera
“Sony” spelled out nice and clearly
X-ray of the Sony camera in the iPhon 4S
X-ray cross-section of the 8MP Sony camera


You can read more info on the camera discovery straight from the horse’s mouth, or check out more awesome hi-res images of the iPhone 4S innards on our teardown. There is no third option.