“You Wouldn’t Throw Away A Car Because You Broke the Windshield”

Kyle was interviewed last week by Jamillah Knowles, of the BBC Radio 5 Live podcast Outriders. Interview begins at 15:17 of the “Sir Tim Berners-Lee” episode here.

iPhone repair discussed on the BBC Radio 5 Outsiders podcast


I think we can go back to the way we were when we were kids, where we were constantly taking everything apart because we wanted to know how the world worked. Let’s get back to that idea of discovery and learning and get a bit more connected with our things. That’s the fun thing about our teardowns: I take apart an iPhone and I show you what’s in it. Now, a little bit of the mystery is gone, and you’re more connected to it, because you really understand how it works. You know if I drop my phone and I break the glass, that it’s just glass. You can replace glass. You wouldn’t throw away a car because you broke the windshield.