Samsung Galaxy Fold: Yep, We Tore It Down

You may have to wait to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but iFixit’s got your back with a fresh teardown! Unfold a chair and strap in—this one’s a doozy.

The big takeaway? This thing is Fragile with a capital ‘F.’ As expected, there are a ton of entry points for dust and other foreign matter to make their way inside, and there are so many different ways for the screen to break. In our case, it was something borrowed and blue—click through to see for yourself!

The six cameras found in the Samsung Galaxy Fold teardownSamsung Galaxy Fold Teardown Highlights:

  • There are two batteries in this thing. And not just a dual-cell battery (like in the iPhone X), but two, completely separate batteries good for 16.87 Wh of total juice.
  • These bezels are super slim—they barely cover two millimeters of the display, while leaving a 7 mm gap at the top and bottom. That doesn’t seem like much protection to us.
  • Two sliding hinges, a central geared hinge, and four spring-loaded clasps put the fold in this Fold. The display’s own rigidity provides the springy feeling when opening the phone.