Blue and Black Friday > Black Friday

Our 2022 Black Friday deals are coming Nov. 1. In the meantime, check our Promotions page for any active discount codes.

Pssst. We’re having a Blue and Black Friday sale—it’s like Black Friday, but better, because it includes our signature Blue! We just bundled up and marked down all of our most popular Blue and Black tools. So if you happen to have a techie, tool nerd, tinkerer, or DIY-enthusiast on your shopping list, we’ve got a toolkit they probably don’t have—and one they’ll definitely love.

iFixit blue and black bundles for black friday

And don’t forget about yourself! After all that generosity, you deserve a treat, too—here’s your chance to win a bundle of your own. We’re so thankful to work with such a fantastic fixer community, that we’re celebrating by giving away ten of our seasonal Blue and Black bundles.

Want in? Of course you do! Just tell us what you would fix with our tools by tagging a post with @iFixit and the hashtag #BlueAndBlack.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for great posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that show us why you need our tools. Bonus points for creativity. And singing—we love when people sing. Enter as many times as you want! The more entries, the better. We’ll be admiring, sharing, and eventually picking 10 of our favorites at the end of the month. Winners will be announced on our blog November 30th.