Sing Along to This Blue and Black song

In November, we announced the winners of our #BlueAndBlack Friday giveaway contest. It was our most successful giveaway to date with over 100 submissions across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Our community was so excited, in fact, that the fun didn’t stop there. We received a video after the submission deadline that was too good not to share. We were 110% serious when we said that we love singing, and #BlueAndBlack participant Jessica Kirsh took us up on it with an original song about what she would fix with an iFixit toolkit!

blue and black iFixit toolkit

Jessica is a professional photographer and graphic designer who repairs electronics on the side to help pay off her student loans.

In her submission, she sings:

The first thing I would fix with my iFixit toolkit—

One MacBook Pro, one MacBook Pro, one 15-inch MacBook Pro style A1286!

Two MacBook Pros, one to part out and sell for parts on eBay!

We reached out to Jessica on Instagram to find out how she got started in independent repair. Turns out fixing is in her blood, which came in handy later when she encountered an expensive repair in college:

“My love affair with repair started early. I am an inquisitive person and have always enjoyed learning how and why things work. As a kid, I found myself tearing down anything I could get my hands on—cassette players, a disc man, point-and-shoot cameras, virtual pets, a Game Boy, and video game controllers.

Fast forward to my freshman year of college when a picture frame fell and broke the trackpad on my brand-spanking-new 12” Apple iBook G4 notebook computer. When the Genius Bar informed me this incident voids my warranty and quoted me more than half the price of the computer to repair it, I went home and did some research. I tracked down the parts I needed to successfully complete the repair on my own, for a fifth of the Apple Store’s quoted price.”

Sounds all too familiar. We’re so happy that Jessica has joined us in showing manufacturers that we have the right to fix our own devices. You can watch her full Blue and Black song below: