Rickshaw Repair Tool Camouflage

Last week, I posted about a rickshaw repair shop in Delhi, showing off some photos of a man putting spokes on a wheel by hand. Today, I want to show you some more tools from that shop.

This hammer has a coat of rickshaw repair shop camouflage—like the floor, it’s got specks of the blue and yellow paint they use on the rickshaws.

Rickshaw repair tools

Metal’s durable, but when banged against a rickshaw frame or held in sweaty hands for hours each day, year after year, it begins to give. You can see the wear on the head of the hammer and the handle of the Ambika adjustable wrench.

Have your repair tools seen this much love?

Rickshaw repair tool

Some tools in the shop show their age even more—look at the corrosion on the grounding arm of this old Victor jump pack.

Rickshaw repair tools

Getting down to nuts and bolts, some aspects of repair are the same wherever you go. A box-end wrench is a box-end wrench. Except when it’s a spanner, of course.