Prerequisite to replace the home button assembly in your iPhone 5s.

Please note that only the phone's original home button assembly will be capable of using the Touch ID functionality. Installing a new home button will only restore ordinary home button functions, not the Touch ID features.

  1. Unscrew the single captive Phillips #000 screw securing the home button cable.
    • Unscrew the single captive Phillips #000 screw securing the home button cable.

    • The captive screw is fastened to the home button cable by a spring contact backing. During reassembly, ensure the contact is in the correct orientation—on the side of the screw nearest the LCD.

    • If your replacement part does not have this captive screw and spring contact, you will need to transfer them to the new cable.

  2. Fold the home button cable down, out of the way of the home button bracket.
    • Fold the home button cable down, out of the way of the home button bracket.

    • Remove the two 1.4 mm Phillips #000 screws from the home button bracket.

    • Remove the home button bracket from the display assembly.

    • Wedge the the tip of a spudger underneath the home button cable assembly.

    • The home button cable is affixed by mild adhesive.

    • Gently work the spudger underneath the cable to separate the home button cable from the front panel assembly.

    • Do not remove the home button yet, as it is still attached to the front panel assembly.

    • If necessary, remove the tape over the home button on the front side of your cracked front panel assembly.

    • Gently push the top left corner of the home button up away from the front panel.

    • Do not push the home button all the way through—you only need to get a corner free, so that you can pry it free with a spudger.

    • This membrane is very thin. If you feel like you're going to tear the button, apply heat and try again.

    • Peel the home button the rest of the way off of the display by prying gently with a spudger.

    • Remove the home button assembly from the front panel.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Unfortunately this will never work, the sensor is paired to the logic board. If you want to replace the defective tactile switch, remove all the plastic/rubber parts on the flex cable and resolder a new switch or disassemble the switch and clean/replace the metal dome switch. If you want to repair fingerprint function, just give up.

Tom Chai - Reply

I purchased a full iphone 5S home button replacement assembly (comes with the home button attached to the flex cable) And now the fingerprint function does not show up at all. Where it's supposed to show in settings as "Touch ID and Passcode" It only says passcode. Restored as new to 7.1, still doing the same thing.. Anybody have ideas?

Casey - Reply

Only the home button that came with the phone has Touch ID function. In order to replace it and still have Touch ID, you would need to get it replaced at an Apple Store.

p3rs0nn -

I think you can easily break the Touch ID sensor

nguyenquanganh38 - Reply

Hey I changed my screen but now the home button doesnt work properly, it does work but it doesnt make the usual clicking sound and only works with a firm press, although the fingerprint does still work so not sure what the issue is.. any ideas?

Luke Earp - Reply

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