This guide demonstrates how to remove and replace a VTech InnoTab 2s power connector in order to preserve the function of the device.

Turn your device to where the back panel is facing you.
  • Turn your device to where the back panel is facing you.

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Lift the Leg all the way up and twist the bottom to remove.
  • Lift the Leg all the way up and twist the bottom to remove.

    • Once the bottom part pops out the whole leg should just come off.

    • Remove any game cartridge from the device.

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  • Remove all of the plastic tabs on the device. These are covering screws that will need to be removed.

    • These covers are made of hard plastic so they may be difficult to remove.

    • There is a special tab in the cartridge cover that is made of rubber, make sure to not break this tab.

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  • Remove all nine screws from the back of the device using a J0 bit.

  • Remove the small battery.

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  • Using a plastic opening tool, detach the backplate from the front piece.

    • Do not use excessive force. Double check that you removed all the screws if the panel is not coming off easily.

  • Once the backplate has been removed, you will have access to the circuit board.

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  • First begin by removing the three cross-head screws using a J0 bit.

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  • First remove the ribbon cables. There are two highlighted by the red squares

    • Do not apply too much pressure and make sure that the black plastic tabs are fully open before you pull the cable out.

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  • Remove the camera from the assembly and put is a safe place so that it will not get damaged.

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  • Remove the board from the main assembly.

    • Be careful not to pull too hard so that the cables aren't broken.

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  • De-solder the points shown to fully remove the cables and free the board.

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  • Use a soldering tool to desolder the two highlighted points.

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  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screw that is holding the power jack in place.

  • Now you have access to remove and replace the power jack.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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