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  1. Remove the back cover at first. It's a pity that we only have a S6 with broken back cover to show how to do camera lens glass replacement.
    • Remove the back cover at first. It's a pity that we only have a S6 with broken back cover to show how to do camera lens glass replacement.

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  2. Please be careful when remove the back cover! It's just a little weak.
    • Please be careful when remove the back cover! It's just a little weak.

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    • And then pry up the camera lens ring from bottom right corner. There is some adhesive underneath. Be careful and avoid scratching the metal ring with sharp tweezers.

    • At last, push the camera lens glass by your finger or with a spudger and remove it finally.

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    • Now it's time to place the new camera lens.Peel off the upper film and assemble the glass with the ring.

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    • Peel off the bottom film and we can stick the new camera lens assembly back.

    • And one tips: you will need a piece of new back cover sticker because the old one maybe can't be used any more.

    • That's the guide to replace S6 camera glass and camera ring together.

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    • If your S6 camera lens was broken heavily, just remove it directly but very carefully. Don't hurt the camera or scratch the metal ring.

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    • Place the sticker on the camera ring at first.

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    • And then stick on the new camera glass and done the replacement.

    • That's the guide for replace S6 camera glass only.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is it possible to replace just the lens without taking off the back cover? Like can I just use a suction tool to pull off the broken lens and put in the new one?

Alex Sangue - Reply

Yes, that is possible!

Robin -

I am wondering the same thing. I believe it would work. Don't see the need in pulling the back cover to replace a piece of exposed glass.

4freese - Reply

Yes. It can be done. I did it using a hair dryer to warm the lens and peel if off gently, starting in one corner. If it seems reluctant to come off you may need to heat it a little more. Be careful not to damage to outer metal ring (as I did) and then replace the glass lens as described.

vicbliz - Reply

The guide for replacing a heavily broken camera lens is starting from step 6.

tkuilman1 - Reply

does anyone know where to purchase just the adhesive for the glass ( as shown in step 7) ive already removed the glass lens becuase of how heavily it was shattered. I don't want to open the phone.

cootie100 - Reply

Any luck with this?

Shane Sullivan -

Hi Guys,

Are the S6 and S6 Edge plus rear camera glass the same size?

Thanks in advance

Paul Walsh - Reply

Dear Paul, Yes, Samsung galaxy S6 camera glass is compatible with s6 Edge.

Witrigs -

After replacing the camera lense after it was stepped on I keep getting the warNing camera failed. Tried all of the software fixes. Any suggestions? Thank you! This is for a galaxy s6 edge.

Steven pagano - Reply

Does anyone know if a similar procedure can be done to replace the camera glass in the S6 Active? Obviously it would be harder to remove the back entirely but steps 6 though 8 look similar so would it be possible on the S6 Active or would it require a different technique to maintain its waterproofing?

Joshua Fisher - Reply

Can you make a guide on how to replace the flash lens/bezel? I know this probably isn't a common thing but mine is cracked and I'd like to replace it

Ryan Eckhoff - Reply

Hi,Im using a s6 edge plus.My rear camera lens cover broke.Can we fix it getting an original one?Because out of an analysis i understood that original lens cover is not available & we can only get a copy of it.If we fix the copy cover the picture quality will be effected badly is what i heard.So is there any chance to get an original rear camera lens cover?If so how much would it cost me?

Abhiram Chilukuri - Reply

Hey men,i have a same problem and I bouhgt fake camera glass.My picture quality is very bad.Please help.Where I can buy original glass for camera?

Milutin Zonjic -


Any luck on this issue?

I got a fake camera lens and the picture quality is very bad, indeed.

I also noticed that on the back of the glass is written a "code". For example, the fake one has "V1". I can't remember what was the code for the original one.

Alin M -

Hi Sophia,

Are the S6 and Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 plus rear camera glass the same size?

Thank you.

Ali Baba Jr - Reply

Here in Nigeria i can get dthe camera glass can any other samsung camera glass match

Andrew - Reply

Where can I get these lens?

I broke the glass and I can't find it anywhere

Ritvick Kapoor - Reply

I dropped the phone and the glass film of the camera broke but my camera is still working does it affect the focus of the camera?

chris.murr13 - Reply

how do I determine whether or not I need just the glass replacement or a whole new Camera replacement.. I smashed the glass heavily on something and when I open the camera app It still works just won't focus? is replacing the glass help it focus or what?

Bobby fresh - Reply

So I purchased the repair kit for the galaxy S6 camera bezel & lens cover. I was wondering if it is supposed to come with the sticker to attach the lens cover to the camera bezel as mine came with a sticker which is only sticky on one side. Maybe i received a dud? I believe the sticker is supposed to be sticky on both sides.

joseph han - Reply

any recommendations on where I can buy the lens from

Nicola - Reply

I broke the glass lens on my phone the camera still works but the picture not clear is the glass lens will fix it or the camera is damage to

Eric Dupont - Reply

I broke the glass of my camera samsung s6 the camera work i took of the broken glass and the picture is not clear is the camera damage or with the new glass the picture is goin to be clear thank alot

Eric Dupont - Reply

Is the rear camera lens for the samsung edge g925 the same for samsung s edge plus g928? Any other models that is compatible or has the same lens size for the samsung s6 edge plus? Thanxx

joxx - Reply

I just needed to replace the lens cover. There was no need to remove the back of the case. I heated the lense cover with a hair dryer and remove the cracked lens with tweezers. The replacement kit did not come with an adhesive sticker. I assume it is already on the bezel. Since I wasn’t replacing the bezel, I applied 3M Scotch Clear Glue to the four corners of the black side of the lense and hoped there would be no off-gassing that clouded the lens or the cover. After cleaning my existing bezel with rubbing alcohol, I applied the glue, removed access and attached it to the bezel. I noticed some glue crept in towards the camera lense, but I was able to let it dry at an angle so that the glue would not get on the camera lens. I let it dry over night and tested the camera. The camera lens was unable to focus. I smacked the backside of the phone against the palm of my hand a few times. The camera has worked fine since.

Keith Donaldson - Reply

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