Replace a torn, damaged or faulty fingerprint reader in your Galaxy S5 phone.

  1. Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the plastic midframe connector panel.
    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the plastic midframe connector panel.

    • Remove the connector panel with a pair of tweezers.

    • There should be enough adhesive to readhere the panel upon reassembly, otherwise use a small amount of double-stick tape.

  2. Use the sharp tip of a spudger to pry the home button cable connector straight up off its socket.
    • Use the sharp tip of a spudger to pry the home button cable connector straight up off its socket.

    • In the following steps you will be using an iOpener to warm the adhesive affixing the display assembly to the rest of the phone. This will allow for a safer, easier screen removal. For proper iOpener use, follow our iOpener heating guide, make sure to pay attention to all warnings.

    • Place a heated iOpener on the left side of the phone for at least 90 seconds.

    • Reheat the iOpener and place it on the right half of the phone.

    • In the following steps you will be using an opening pick to separate the adhesive securing the front panel glass. Only pry where directed. If you experience resistance, stop sliding the opening pick and reapply heat.

    • Insert the edge of an opening pick underneath the bottom right side of the front glass.

    • Slide the opening pick up along the right side of the display.

    • Carefully slide the pick around the corner, stopping before the speaker grille at the top of the phone.

    • The adhesive securing the top of the phone is only a narrow strip above the earpiece speaker. Slide the pick along the top of the speaker to avoid damaging internal components.

    • Slide the opening pick across the top of the phone, being very careful not to insert the pick too deeply.

    • Carefully slide the pick around the upper left corner.

    • If you encounter any resistance from cooling adhesive, reapply a heated iOpener to the left side of the phone.

    • Slide the opening pick down along the left half of the phone stopping at the lower left corner.

    • Slide the opening pick all the way to the bottom left corner of the phone, making sure it is securely placed.

    • In the following step you will be placing an iOpener over the home button end of the phone, you won't want your opening pick to slip out.

    • Place a reheated iOpener over the bottom portion of the display assembly.

    • There are delicate components in this portion of the phone, you want to ensure the adhesive is warm and easy to loosen to protect the phone.

    • The bottom end of the phone contains the soft button and home button ribbon cables. If you insert the opening pick too far into the phone you risk cutting these cables.

    • Slide the very end of the opening pick across the bottom edge of the display to separate the last of the remaining adhesive.

    • Twist the opening pick to detach the glass from the phone.

    • If the front panel does not detach easily, it may require additional adhesive cutting.

    • If the front panel is not easily freed, the adhesive on the soft button cable may need to be separated.

    • These cables are thin and easily damaged, therefore be certain you are only peeling them off the display assembly and not lacerating them.

    • Insert an opening pick under the soft button icons on the display and pry the button cables down off the inside of the front panel.

    • Slightly lift, but do not remove, the home button end of display assembly.

    • Do not remove the front panel entirely. It is still attached by a connector.

    • If you are reusing the home button flex cable, be careful not to sever the cable from the home button. Adhesive can cause the cable to rip apart from the home button. While the home button will still work, the fingerprint scanner will not.

    • Use the sharp tip of a spudger to lift the front panel assembly cable connector straight up off its socket on the motherboard.

    • Safely remove the front panel assembly from phone.

    • For this guide I am demonstrating on a Samsung Galaxy S5 which had the fingerprint reader cable for the home button torn.

    • The home button 'press' is still functional with the underlying button (see second photo), but this guide restores your fingerprint scanner.

    • Make sure there isn't anything still connected in this socket.

    • Scrape the remaining adhesive from the edges of the midframe using a plastic pry tool.

    • Attach the home button to the screen assembly. In this guide I am also installing a new screen assembly.

    • Prepare your screen assembly by removing adhesive film. If you're not replacing the screen then you can skip this step.

    • Connect the display cable.

    • Carefully line up the home button cable so that it comes through to the other side.

    • Plug the home button cable into the socket.

    • Stick the screen assembly back down to the rest of the phone.

    • Reinstall the battery.

    • Remember to place the plastic panel back on the phone.

    • Press the back cover back onto the phone.

    • Power on the device and test the new fingerprint scanner.


If you have followed this guide correctly you should now have a functional fingerprint reader on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Good guide, but how to apply new adhesive for the lcd display on the midframe ?

avdk - Reply

It should already be attached to the LCD, if not then you can purchase the adhesive and attach it to the LCD yourself

Patrick Lee -

I would like to know whether there is a pin-compatible home button to replace the original Galaxy S5 home button to _physically_ get rid of the fingerprint reader unit and solely keep it as a simple and dumb home button.

Thanks in advance.

E.Remarque - Reply

It should be noted that unlike replacing an iPhone Home Button, you can reprogram a replacement Galaxy Fingerprint scanner.

Andrew - Reply

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