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A guide on how to replace the Nintendo DSi top LCD screen.

Loosen the two screws on the battery panel. Then lift the panel up to remove it.
  • Loosen the two screws on the battery panel. Then lift the panel up to remove it.

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L Button.
  • L Button.

  • Top of the battery pack.

  • To remove the battery pack, place your fingernail or a spudger at the top of the battery near the L button. Gently lift the battery out.

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  • Remove 4 Phillips screws from the board.

  • Lift the main board from the bottom end and flip it over to reveal the last connector.

  • Keep the main board fairly close to the case, making sure not to damage the last ribbon cable holding it in place.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cable by gently using a plastic opening tool to flip up the black connector latch. The cable should easily slide out from the connector.

  • The motherboard should now be free from the rest of the device.

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  • Remove the rubber front-panel button membranes from the device. Pay careful attention to where the buttons go, so you can replace them correctly.

    • A/B/X/Y button assembly

    • Select/Start button assembly

    • D-pad

    • Power button

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  • Remove the plastic buttons and keep them in a safe place.

  • All of the buttons have "key" notches to prevent them from being inserted incorrectly (backwards or in the wrong place), but it can take a while to figure out where everything goes if they get shuffled around.

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  • Flip the case open, and push the lower screen assembly out of the frame.

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  • To make the repair easier, we recommend removing the bottom LCD screen prior to replacing the top LCD screen.

  • Using a spudger, or similar tool, pry out the 4 square screw covers.

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  • Remove 4 Phillips screws with a #00 Phillips screwdriver.

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  • Place a plastic opening tool between the front panel and top edge of the outer case. Slide the tool along the edge as needed to prop open the case.

  • With the screen facing you, slide the screen side down with your thumbs to separate the screen from the cover.

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  • Remove the antenna from the bottom left of the device.

  • Remove the microphone from the top of the frame.

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  • Use a spudger to pry the camera out of its place.

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  • Cables for the components in the upper half of the device run through the hinge, which must be carefully disassembled before continuing.

  • Start by pushing the sliding shaft in the hinge on the opposite side of the wires/ribbons.

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  • On the reverse side of the casing, insert the spudger onto the surface of the sliding shaft just left of the LED light channels.

  • Push the sliding shaft completely through the hinge until it stops and the hinge is released.

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  • The right side of bottom case should separate from the top case when you remove the sliding shaft.

  • Do not pull up too far or the wire hinge may be damaged.

  • Slide the top case to the right to separate the joint.

  • Weave the wires and ribbons through the wire hinge to completely separate the top and bottom casings.

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  • The speakers are soldered to the ribbon cable attached to the upper LCD, so they must be removed at the same time as the LCD.

  • Lift the top LCD out of the plastic frame. Carefully thread the ribbon cable out of the hinge to avoid damaging it.

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  • To remove the speakers, place a flat object underneath and gently pry them off.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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