This guide will show you how to replace the SIM/SD card reader of your Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation. Replacing this part requires disassembling much of the phone.

Use your fingernail to pry under the notch on the bottom of the phone and remove the back cover.
  • Use your fingernail to pry under the notch on the bottom of the phone and remove the back cover.

  • Make sure to fully power off the phone before you begin disassembly.

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Use a heat gun or an iOpener as a heating tool. This guide explains how to use the iOpener.
  • Use a heat gun or an iOpener as a heating tool. This guide explains how to use the iOpener.

  • Evenly apply heat to the edges of the touchscreen to loosen the adhesive. Continue to Step 3 once the edge of the screen is warm to the touch.

  • Do not let the iOpener/heat gun remain on one spot for too long. Excess heat can damage the phone.

  • When reassembling the phone, use the iOpener/heat gun to help the adhesive fuse to the new screen. Heat the screen edges, apply pressure to the screen, and hold the screen in place until it is secure.

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  • As the adhesive loosens, pry up an edge of the screen with a plastic opening tool or an opening pick. A suction cup may also be useful here.

  • Use an opening pick to hold that edge in place and continue this process around the entire screen, applying more heat as necessary.

  • Avoid damaging the LCD screen connector while prying along the screen edges. It is located on the left edge of the phone, across from the volume controls.

  • During reassembly, new adhesive may need to be applied over the old adhesive to properly secure the screen.

You may need to remove the mouthpiece and earpiece gauzes from the screen to fit to the replacement screen

Mark - Reply

Be careful not to damage the adhesive tape on the old screen as you may need to reuse it along with the two gauzes on the replacement screen

bee - Reply

which adhesive tape?

MotoG Fan -

What width of adhesive is appropriate to buy to replace the existing one? I can see 1mm, 2mm etc for sale

Avi Silver - Reply

The width of the adhesive tape that goes around the rim is 2mm. But rather than buying generic 2mm tape, which won't seal well at the corners because it would be bent pretty sharply, it's best to get a precut adhesive that is made for this specific phone and that comes with the corners (and everything else) already pre-shaped: it's cut into a phone-shaped sheet, most of which you'll be discarding. Such sheets are available on ebay.

Norman Yarvin - Reply

I did not need to use any new adhesive strips to get my screen securely back in place. After placing the screen back, just heat the edges of the phone as before and press tightly (though not too hard, of course) until cooled.

mkonings - Reply

  • Use a plastic opening tool to flip up the lock on the display cable ZIF connector.

  • Pull the display cable from its socket on the motherboard.

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  • Remove the ten 2.4 mm T4 screws from the sides of the motherboard.

  • Remove the four 4.5 mm T4 screws from the top and bottom of the motherboard.

Can you telll motherboard price and like plzzz

Sandy Santhosh - Reply

These are T5 screws

geoffakien - Reply

  • If adhesive residue is holding the motherboard in place, use a Jimmy to cut the adhesive between the motherboard and the back of the phone.

  • Carefully lift the right edge of the motherboard from the phone.

  • Avoid pulling on the battery wires, which connect the left underside of the motherboard to the battery.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to disconnect the battery wires from the motherboard.

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  • Remove the three 2.4 mm T4 screws from the right side and bottom of the SIM/SD card panel.

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  • Pry off the SIM/SD card panel using a plastic opening tool.

  • There may be adhesive securing the SIM/SD card panel to the motherboard. Exercise caution when prying it off.

  • Replace the adhesive when inserting a new card panel.

Careful, card panel may jump out when prying.

mkonings - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I replace with new SIM card reader gotten from China, but not working.

Woleola Akala - Reply

Any further solution to this.

Woleola Akala - Reply

Guide worked like a charm, thanks!

mkonings - Reply

My sim card is working but during calling ,sim network down.plz help me

Rizvan Gani - Reply

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