Remove back cover.
  • Remove back cover.

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Unscrew 14 screws and remove the back frame.
  • Unscrew 14 screws and remove the back frame.

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  • Release SIM & SD card reader assembly connector and battery connector. Get loosen the vibrator.

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  • Loosen kinds of stickers fastening card reader assembly and battery.

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  • Remove the battery with card reader assembly together at first. And then separate them.The battery flex is stuck on the back of the card reader assembly.

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  • The battery can be replaced now.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hola, donde se puede comprar el reemplazo para el slot Sim-card del Moto G 2014 segunda generación?

Renzo Diaz - Reply

Where can I get the replacement battery?

David - Reply

Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc.

Example :

Just look at the reference on your removed battery, and order the same.

Xavier -

Battery Problem battery fast charge & fast low


What is the Mobile

VijayMani - Reply

It is a moto g 2014

Baptiste Massardier -

Cant believe how i was peeling at the orange stuff on the battery, shud have found this guide sooner.

Craig Williams - Reply

Where can I buy the new sim card holder please?

trudy2995 - Reply

The 2014 LTE model XT1072 has a different, two wire (red and black) battery connector (battery model ‘FT40’). It can be replaced by simply removing the copper foil, no need to remove the card reader first.

hkramski - Reply

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