The Motorola Moto 360 is very delicate. Utmost caution must be taken when using the tools. Use this guide to replace the battery in your device. The battery part numbers are FW3S and FW3L for the 42mm and 46mm respective case sizes.

Heat an iOpener and place on the rear cover to soften the adhesive underneath.
  • Heat an iOpener and place on the rear cover to soften the adhesive underneath.

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Insert an opening pick or opening tool in the small notch by the microphone hole, underneath the plastic trim ring.
  • Insert an opening pick or opening tool in the small notch by the microphone hole, underneath the plastic trim ring.

  • With the opening tool under the plastic ring, move the tool around the edge of the watch, gently prying up the ring as you go.

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  • Use fingernails or an opening tool or pick to pry the plastic trim off of the button.

    • Be careful to apply even pressure around the ring when prying, as there are three retainer prongs that can be broken if the ring is twisted or tilted while being pulled out.

  • Use a small six pin spanner to unscrew the button from the case.

    • If you don't have access to the proper spanner, you can use a pair of tweezers or a very small screwdriver to unscrew the button assembly.

    • There is blue thread locker on these threads, so light heat on the button side of the case may help.

  • Completely unthread this and remove the button assembly from the case.

The button does not unscrew! It just spins endlessly!!! This guide is flawed!!!

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

Yes the button will spin endlessly. You need to turn the silver ring with 6 notches in it that is under the button. I was able to do this by pushing on one of the notches with a tiny screw driver. It was not ideal and took a few minutes but it worked.

Jeremy Mikesell - Reply

Do you turn clockwise or counterclockwise?

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

Counter clockwise to remove like a normal screw.

Jeremy Mikesell - Reply

Well, thanks for answering my questions. But this button is not budging!!!

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

It will not turn I've broken multiple tools!!! So frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

Hi Jason

It’s easier to use fine nose tweezers to remove the crown from the watch, when removed I suggest sliding the edge of a razor blade below the ring that secures the display to the body just above where you have removed the crown, You should feel the edge of the ring inside then use a little force to slide it towards the strap opening, it only needs to move about 10-15mm. You can then remove the whole watch body with the screen out through the top of the watch body with no damage to any parts

Bernard McGrath - Reply

I tried needle nose tweesers, they care now bent to $@$*. Button still firmly attached.

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

I found that using’s Jeremy’s idea (small flat blade jeweler’s screwdriver) and slowly working around the ring - it will eventually turn. Just have to working different sides of it a little at a time.

Kenneth - Reply

  • Insert a prying tool into the notch near the microphone and slide the tool around the edge of the assembly while gently prying the assembly out.

    • The assembly is fitted very tightly into the case—it may take a little force to get your tool past the o-ring.

  • Do not fully remove the internal assembly yet. There is a flex cable connecting the assembly to the watch display that needs to be disconnected before the assembly is completely removed.

Has anyone been able to get past this point? I have a pry tool similar to what is depicted but I wasn’t sure how much force to use in getting the assembly out.

Kenneth - Reply

I used too much force and broke the display, so be careful at this stage.

sztupy - Reply

Also during reassembly I realised that is is much easier to take the watch apart by rotating the inner ring. (there’s an outer ring which holds the watch straps and inner ring holding the internals and the screen. The inner ring is very thin btw.)

You can do that by inserting a screwdriver into the hole where the button was and trying to force the inner ring to one side. It might need some force initially, but then it will slide easily. Once it’s rotated a bit (you have to just rotate it so the button’s hole disappears under the outer ring) everything can be easily pushed out to the front, and there’s no need to use a pry tool or similar. There’s also less chance of breaking either the O-ring or the screen.

You can also reassemble much easier by doing this in reverse. Simply rebuild the internals, push the inner ring back to the outer ring, and rotate it back, so the button’s hole align.

I didn’t make pictures, but if I have to replace the battery again I would definitely do it this way.

sztupy - Reply

I followed these instructions and turning the inner ring by holding both the top and bottom of the watch will slide the inner ring so the outer ring will come off. There is a video on that illustrates this manuever.

John R -

  • Use tweezers to remove a rubber strip on the back of the connector.

  • Use a fingernail or the tip of a spudger to lift the small locking flap on the connector and disconnect the ribbon cable.

If you are careful, you do not need to remove this cable to replace the battery. You can skip step #5 and go directly to step #6.

John R - Reply

  • Gently pry the battery out of the case.

    • The battery adhesive is stubborn, and the shield over the motherboard may come off with the battery. This is okay; use an opening pick to separate the battery and the shield, then snap the shield back onto the motherboard.

  • Do not pull the battery all the way out after you separate it from the shield. There is a fragile battery cable that must be disconnected before the battery is completely removed.

  • Remove the grey plastic piece that sits next to the battery.

  • Use tweezers or the tip of a spudger to disconnect the battery connector.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do not pry out the inside of the watch like this says you will break the watch. The side button needs to be unscrewed first, I broke my watch by doing it like they say,

John DeLorenzo - Reply

How does the button unscrew? It is just spinning

Jason Goldsmith -

He is right! this video shows how to disassemble the watch correctly :

TheZeroth -

Where can I buy the battery for the watch replacement?

TakWAI Cheong - Reply

iFixit has just sourced these batteries, and will be making them available for sale very soon!

Daniel Demeter -

They show up on ebay regularly. I have bough both sizes there.

Jeremy Mikesell -

How to remove the side button without breaking it?

Sharath Vasishta - Reply

Where can I buy the replacement? (urgent)

Martin Grabina - Reply

iFixit will have this part available very soon: Moto 360 (2nd Gen) Replacement Battery

Daniel Demeter -

Can someone contact me please? This guide is not working. I got the ring off the button but the button is not unscrewing. Just spinning in place. My email is shamrock_73@cogeco ca

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

Hi Jason, it’s possible that you have to hold the inside part of the button with a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers while you turn the outside part. It sounds like the whole assembly is rotating together instead of unscrewing (think of the inside part like a nut and the outside part like a bolt; one must be rotated while the other is stationary to unscrew from each other). Just be very gentle if you use pliers, the button pieces are probably fairly easy to bend or break.

Adam O'Camb -

You just need to turn the silver part with 6 notches in it that is under the button and flush with the watch side. The button that you press just slides (and rotates) inside this silver screw part.

Jeremy Mikesell -

Hi Jason

There’s an easy way to remove the casing and then there’s the right way. Firstly heat and remove bottom ring, then remove the clip around the crown and unscrew the crown with a fine set of tweezers, you will find there are 6 notches around the crown to insert the points of the tweezers enabling you to unscrew and remove the crown. After removing the crown apply a little heat to the bezel to loosen the adhesive holding it in place then slide the edge of a razor blade almost level with the right side of the crown opening, you should feel the blade hit the inside of the bezel, gently slide the bezel counter clockwise about 10mm then you should be able to push the whole of the watch body through the metal casing, coming out of the top of the watch. This way Nothing gets damaged and you can then work on whatever part of the watch you need easily

Bernard McGrath -

This is &&^&^$^ IMPOSSIBLE. I can not turn the part under the button.

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

I was able to disassemble the whole watch but it was before they inform us about the button removal. Anyway, i broke one of the supporting metal piece while prying out the internal assembly. I got the battery from Aliexpress website but they have listed it as out of stock now. I was able to replace the battery and it is all working fine and the watch can last more than 1 day. However, due to the removal of the internal part, the REASSEMBLY was not good and it does not fit very well. There are gaps seen as I was not able to push the whole assembly to be flush to the original condition. Probably it is due to the slightly thicker battery. Do let me know if any of you need help.

Chee Chun - Reply

I need help!!! The button will not unscrew!!!

Jason Goldsmith -

I’ve had the same problem about getting the internals back into the case in the original, flush condition. Are there any tips to getting everything pushed back inside the case. I’m about to try my vise if I can’t find a better solution!

Charles B. Thompson -

Jason try fine nose tweezers to remove the crown

Bernard McGrath - Reply

Anyone have luck finding a replacement for the 2nd generation? Im using the 42mm one and can only find the battery for the 46.

alyssa Prater - Reply

Set up a saved search on eBay. I got one there after a few weeks of waiting. Seems like they only show up occasionally.

Jeremy Mikesell - Reply

i got a battery for the 42mm here, i will send it to anyone in EU free of charge because i broke my watch when i tried to replace it (used the old instructions)

Mike - Reply

I am in the EU, my contact is abeijon (at) live . com

abeijon -

I'm in Canada, I'll take that battery…

Jason Goldsmith - Reply

Warning! wrong instruction under step 4, do NOT “Insert a prying tool into the notch near the microphone and slide the tool around the edge of the assembly while gently prying the assembly out.“ insteed after removing the button, u should rotate the internal against the frame and then they separate easily, watch this video to see what I am talking about visually:

TheZeroth - Reply


bei mir hat die Anleitung zu 100 % gepasst.

Meine Moto läuft nun wieder mit neuem Akku.

thomas01 - Reply

Just went through with this. Had a few comments/suggestions for anyone trying this:

Step 1

- I moistened a small hand towel (you could probably use a paperwork) and microwaved it. I put it in a ziplock bag and it worked fine.

Step 2

- I only had two small flat head screw drivers (from an electronics repair kit.) I used one to pry near the microphone then worked the other around. The adhesive is a strip so it may come off on the ring in some areas and the watch body on others. At the end I scraped it from the body and reapplied it to the ring and it seemed to work well when I reassembled.

Step 3

- My watch had a gold ring and I couldn’t find a way to remove it at first. I ended up just using my smallest flat head and got underneath it to pry it off. Went pretty fast after that.

Ben - Reply

Step 3 (continued)

- As for removing the button, use a small flat head and place it at an angle in one of the spanner sockets. Then gentle tap the end with another object to loosen the screw. Once loosened, it unscrewed pretty easily by using one screw driver.

Step 4

- Similar to step 2, I inserted one then walked one around the outside gentle prying out the innards. Slipping the flat head between the gasket and the inside of the body takes some finesse but once you get about half way around it’s not too bad.

- The innards have a lip that runs around 2/3 the way around that goes under a lip on the body. I found this the most challenging part on removing and reinserting the innards. Just use a screw driver to pry away the body and then use a second to push in the innards. It takes some work. I tore a few parts of the gasket so I don’t think i’ll be swimming with this anymore, but the ring (first step) gives a decent seal against sweat and moisture.

Ben - Reply

Step 5

- Pretty straightforward; pry the rubber away as the guide shows. You may need to pull firmly to remove the ribbon. I just used my finger as I was afraid my tweezers would tear or puncture the ribbon.

Step 6

- As the guide states the adhesive is pretty strong but it doesn’t appear there is much to hurt between the screen and battery so just pry it away slowly (and evenly.) Once the battery is removed, use a small flat heat to pry the plastic out so you can get to where the battery cable snaps in.


- So like any repair, reassembly can be just as difficult as assembly. I ran into two major struggles: getting the innards ribbon cable reinserted and getting the innards back in the body.

- For the ribbon cable, I was being too gentle when trying to insert. I though the ribbon inserted and then the rubber (pried away in step 5) was holding it in place. No the case; the ribbon should (with a firm press) push back into the female end snugly. My ribbon folded over 90d which gave me a place to press on.

Ben - Reply

Reassembly (continued)

- The other difficult part was getting the innards back in. I mistakenly just tried to snap the whole assembly in before I realized the lips on the innards and case were hitting. I ended up shearing some of the plastic on the innards away on one side before I realized I was not doing it correctly. As I mentioned in step 4, you’ll need to pry the body out and push the innards in where they meet.

- As for the gasket, I tore mine in a few spots. It was pretty lose from general age, so I wasn’t very optimistic I would get it back in perfectly anyway, but if you can somehow get it back inside the body without stretching or tearing more power to you.

- I used the same zip lock bag + hand towel trick to reapply the ring. I use the top of a salt shaker and pressed the hot bag between it and the watch on the table to re-adhere it. I just walked it around the outside of the ring until it was snug and had no raised edges.

Ben - Reply

Good luck to those of you trying this! Feel free to ask me any questions; I took pictures but not sure how to post them.

An interesting thing that I ran across was writing on the inside of the screen assembly (where the battery was.) Not sure if that’s some kind of quality inspection initials from manufacture or if this has been previous repaired and the person signed it. Either way if anyone runs across this or knows what it means let me know.

Also my battery was not bulged or damaged when I took it out like other people have seen. Not sure if that means the original battery was fine but I’ve got the repaired watch on the charger so I’ll update with performance in a few days.

Ben - Reply

Hi @hall30, thanks for your comments on this guide, it seems to really be giving people a lot of trouble. It would be awesome if you added your comments and photos to the guide steps—you can click the edit button to the right of a step title, or at the top of the page to do that. If you’re looking for more guide editing details, check out this page. Let me know if you need help adding photos or text, and thanks for contributing!

Adam O'Camb -

Hey @hall30 do you happen to know where i can find a new battery??? i have looked everywhere and no-one seems to have it! Thanks! My Gen 2 sits on charger and vibrates one time then 5 seconds later vibrates twice. was told possibly a battery issue???

robby C -

anyone know where I can get a replacement battery???

Robby Calhoun - Reply

My Gen 2 sits on charger and vibrates one time then 5 seconds later vibrates twice. was told possibly a battery issue???

Robby Calhoun - Reply

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