This guide is referenced off of the Speaker Replacement Guide

  1. Remove rubber feet on the bottom of the device
    • Remove rubber feet on the bottom of the device

  2. Remove 6 silver philips head screws with PH1 bit
    • Remove 6 silver philips head screws with PH1 bit

    • Remove bottom plastic cover of speaker

    • Remove 2 phillips head screws holding battery pack with PH1 bit

    • Remove battery back with spudger

    • Unscrew 3 phillips head screws using PH1 bit

    • Remove green board. Battery pack and green circuit board should still be connected to the speaker by a ribbon wire. This is normal.

    • Pop off front speaker face (dark grey with little holes) by pushing out 3 tabs where screws were previously located and sticking spudger in crack where grey speaker face meets the outer shell

    • You may really have to pry on this part, it is not easy to remove and will pop out when released

    • Remove 8 black phillips head screws shown with PH1 bit

    • Remove front face by prying 2 black tabs shown using spudger

    • This face is glued in and may need some elbow grease to remove. Don't worry about breaking anything, as it is all connected

    • Remove speaker wires from each speaker (2 wires per speaker) and take speakers out of device

    • Speaker wire connectors are made to connect very snug, so they should be hard to remove. Give it a good tug and they should pop off the male end

    • You can now replace your speakers and reassemble this unit. If replacing the mother board continue with steps 10-14 in the mother board repair guide.

    • Remove the ribbon wire simply by pulling it out of the fixture in which it connects. Once removed, sit the small green board to the side and prepare to remove the Motherboard.

    • Locate the Motherboard through the hole in which the battery pack normally rests.

    • Use your fingers to pull the board upwards while the speakers top is facing downwards. In doing so, use more force than you are comfortable with. (Do NOT worry. The board slides upwards, regardless of the friction that may seem like it is keeping it from sliding out.)

    • Once the Motherboard has been removed, you are free to remove all of the wires that are connected to it. Gently pull on the clips where the wires insert into the board to remove all of the wires.

    • Once all of the Wires have been disconnected, you are free to replace the Motherboard and then follow the steps in reverse order to re-connect the Motherboard to the casing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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