Remove plastic outer housing using hands or a standard spudger.
  • Remove plastic outer housing using hands or a standard spudger.

  • Important! Note the three alignment pins on the inner part of the housing. When reassembling, take special care to line these up and insert the pins into the receivers on the chassis prior to snapping the edges into place.

I used a two spudger method. I got one in and used it to keep the outer housing away while I got another one in. Much easier. However, hold off on prying one side away until you get the other side loose. - Reply

Use your hands to carefully remove the outer frame to expose the inner components of the speaker.
  • Use your hands to carefully remove the outer frame to expose the inner components of the speaker.

Remove 2 screws on both sides first to be able to remove the frame.

diffraction101 - Reply

Also, with my Flip 3, I had to remove 6 screws alongside the spine of the outer frame.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

I had this version/problem as well. -

  • Remove the 7 8.9mm Phillips #00 screws fastening the two side passive drivers. Then remove the side passive drivers themselves. Be sure to set them somewhere safe to ensure they aren’t lost.

May be less than 7 screws.

If you see the battery cable after removing one “side passive drive”, you may not need to remove the other. See Step 5.

If you do remove both ends, look for them being keyed. In my case one had a slot and the other had a tiny button, both of which fit to the chassis.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

On my version, I found that a #0 Phillips worked better. - Reply

I also found that on my version I only needed to remove the passive driver from the end with the lanyard hole. - Reply

  • Remove silicone button covers by peeling back the silicone covering. This will expose the circuit board.

In my case this was not necessary. I determined this by waiting until completely necessary, which it wasn’t.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

  • Carefully remove the 5 pin connector from motherboard using your hands

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  • Unscrew the 2 8.9mm Phillips #00 screws holding the plastic battery cover. Carefully set them in a different safe spot to ensure that they are both not lost and not confused with the screws from step 2.

  • Remove the clear plastic battery cover.

No such cover on my Flip 3. I skipped this step.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

  • Gently heat adhesive located at tip of powerchip to melt the plastic fastening the battery to the housing. Be careful not to melt the plastic housing during heating.

  • Heat gun safety:

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  • Remove the ribbon holding the battery. When the ribbon is gently pulled until fully removed from the inner housing, the battery will be unfastened and removable.

The ribbon was not in the way on my Flip 3. Instead, I had to remove six more screws, each near locations of the six screws removed for the outer frame, in order to lift the outer chassis (not outer frame, but chassis containing mini circuit boards) away from the rest of the assembly revealing the battery and allowing replacement.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

I had the same thing, 6 #0 screws to remove a panel with the power button circuit board. And I had to chisel/scrape away some soft black glue to release the battery cables. - Reply

“Remove ribbon” seems to be a confusing statement. I removed the ribbon only to discover that this is a connector cable. I thought it was some kind of tape that had to be removed completely… The battery was still stuck by the way. It probably expanded and was very stuck. But since i “removed” (completely broke) the cable, my Flip 3 is useless now anyway…

Some warning and rephrasing to “move out of the way, be careful not to break ribbon” in this step would be in place.

Jonathan van Wijngaarden - Reply

same thing happened to me. I had hope, but now the speaker’s REALLY gone. thanks ifixit.

PhatTw0 - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where can I get replacement battery for Flip 3?

Gaurav Gupta - Reply

It is couple diffrent version of JBL Flip 3 speaker .

Dalibor Miljevic - Reply

my battery also went to !&&*!! anyone manage to get a replacement?? couldn't find one!

Oscar Motta - Reply

Hi I want to know if i send to you to change battery how much is to fix my jbl flip 3 thanks

Marius - Reply

In the same boat. Battery died and JBL doesn’t replace them outside of warranty. Can’t find a new one.

Bernie Johnsen - Reply

try searching for “CS-JMF300SL”

in my country you can get replacement for something under 15€

Vladimír Kováč - Reply

This battery replacement was far, far, far from user friendly. It’s on the verge of not being replaceable. But with several sessions I finally replaced the battery, but not without lingering issues. (1) Use of the heat gun caused me to have to rework on of the screw holes in the chassis. (2) Also, my attempt to lock down the battery cables with Gorilla glue cause buzzing sounds on one end after re-assembly, for which I had to whittle away some of the glue. After multiple disassembles and re-assemblies, I finally got it working again.

Darrell Schmidt - Reply

Please how can i get replacement battery for my jbl flip 3 to Nigeria, email me thanks.

Elameen Awal - Reply

This did not work for me. In the last step you say remove the ribbon holding the battery in. I pulled on the ribbon and it ended up breaking, but got the battery out. Unfortunately THAT ribbon is a cable to power the controls and now my speaker is destroyed!! :(

Bill - Reply

Seeing Bill. Its better i use it wall powered! Better to buy a new Speaker….

h.k30089 - Reply

Magkano po yung battery ng jbl flip 3

Amado Alenain - Reply

Available in Shopee for P2000. 00

dyik88 -

Step 8 basically shows you how to ruin your Flip 3. Thanks ifixit for turning all my hope of fixing my Flip 3 into utter despair knowing that now I have a brand new problem to worry about. I hope this ribbon is replaceable, otherwise you owe me a new JBL Flip 3.

PhatTw0 - Reply

Thanks for this very helpful. My solution is to buy a power bank to make it portable. Battery replacement part is 1/3 the price of the speaker. Power bank of 30,000 mAH at the less than the replacement part and more juice.

dyik88 - Reply

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